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Our Insurance Agency in Rochester, NY

Consolidated Agency, Inc. has the know-how necessary to find an insurance policy that's the right match for your specific situation. Whether you'd like business coverage, an individual policy or personal property insurance, please talk to us today!
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Health, Life, and Disability Insurance 

Do you need health coverage or disability insurance? Then turn to Consolidated Agency, Inc. We can find comprehensive insurance plans at rates that will suit any budget.

If you have a family, you may want the peace of mind that comes with life insurance — should the worst occur, at least you'll know you provided for your loved ones.
Theft, natural disasters and accidents can happen at any time, so insuring your personal property is a must. 
We can help with insurance coverage such as: 
  • Auto Insurance
Your automobile is one of the most important tools in your life. Used daily both to get to and from work, for getting your family around from place to place, and for your own personal leisure time, an auto insurance policy is essential to protect your car from accidents and theft.

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  • Homeowners Insurance Policies
Not only the biggest asset in most families' financial portfolio, your house is also a home to you and your family and holds the vast majority of your valuable and sentimental items. Protecting your home from all sorts of accidents and misfortune with a homeowner insurance policy is a step taken by almost all homeowners in America, and for good reason: peace of mind.

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  • Liability Insurance
In the highly litigious modern U.S., simple mistakes exposing you to legal liability can leave you down the river without a paddle. Protecting you from lawsuits of many stripes and varieties, a liability insurance is an extra layer of security to protect you and your assets from liabilities due to unintentional actions.
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  • Business Insurance
Protecting your business from just about anything that could go wrong in the course of normal operations, a business insurance policy means your business will be covered against liability for almost any issues that might arise.
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  • Property Insurance
Similar to homeowner insurance but further extending that coverage, a property insurance policy is an extra layer of protection that is even more inclusive and also includes things like renters insurance and more.
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  • Commercial Insurance
More expansive than business liability insurance, commercial insurance covers damage and destruction of commercial property, as well as things like theft.
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  • Motorcycle Insurance
A form of automobile insurance specifically for motorcycles, motorcycle insurance is the perfect choice for anyone who loves their bike and wants it protected in the event anything should happen to it.
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  • Umbrella Policies
Providing an extra layer of security for those at increased risk of being sued for causing damage to someone else's person or property, umbrella policies represent the ultimate in protection against legal liability.
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Business and Commercial Insurance

Here at Consolidated Agency, Inc., we want to do all we can to help your business succeed. And whether you have a small, one-person endeavor or you own a large company, insurance is very important.

For example, perhaps you'd benefit from an insurance plan that will offer protection should bad weather delay production. Or maybe you just want the peace of mind that comes with liability coverage. Whatever your insurance needs, talk to our agency today to see what plan will work best for you!
To get a policy quote, please call our team at (585) 467-4110 today!
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